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April 14th, 2018 the journey begins!!! The Capital City Stars program will kickoff the season at the USJN Capital City Showcase!!!  Good luck & best wishes to all the teams for the 2018 AAU Travel Season. 

Live Game Stream coverage & Replays at

For those interested in joining, please contact Coach White @614.282.8460, ASAP!!!


Go to the Link below to checkout the Capital City Stars U17 @USJN Nike Nationals 2016

Check out the New Team Highlghts, click on the "Media" Tab & then go to the "Team Highlights" tab.

This weeks featured Player Highlight, features:
 2017 Combo Guard - Lauren Sawyer

Contact Coach White by texting him @614.282.8460! 

The Capital City Stars are now a Blue Star Media Travel Team. Blue Star Basketball has been sponsored by Nike for over 20 years in girls basketball. Blue Star Basketball is the longest running national evaluation and college showcase organization in women's basketball.
Welcome to the new Capital City Stars website!!    

Capital City Stars Club Basketball Program is a competitive girls basketball organization consisting of girls from the Columbus metropolitan area and other cities throughout Ohio. The Star's program is non-profit. Our core principles are based in teamwork, academic achievement, developing a positive self-image, loyalty, unity, respect, good sportsmanship, and managing adversity. We believe in the pursuit of excellence in the development of the life skills of the young ladies in our organization as well as their athletic abilities. The Capital City Stars organization strives to develop young female basketball players to their fullest potential, while teaching them to compete with courage, fair play, and to be leaders on and off the court. By pursuing excellence in sports, our young ladies develop a work ethic and maturity that will last a lifetime.

The Capital City Stars program stresses an aggressive style of play that emphasizes the development of the basic fundamentals of the game. The team concept is an absolute necessity with tremendous intensity on defense. This concept demands that the student athlete be in great mental and physical condition.

Why So Many Trips / Tournaments?
The reason for all the travel is Exposure, Competition and Oh, did I mention Exposure! The players are participating in major tournaments that afford the best competition and exposure to the NCAA college coaches. The colleges can only watch during set times of the year.  Some events are outside this periods and are done to prepare the players and teams for those observations events. The process of exposure is critical for gaining a college scholarship. The more they can see and evaluate the player, the better opportunity to gain a scholarship. The competition enhances the player's ability through constant high level challenges in basketball. All these events help the player improve.

What is the Recruiting Process?
The college coaches offer scholarships (NCAA D-I, D-II, NAIA, Juco) to those athletes they feel will enhance their program. They choose who they will give a scholarship to over the course of their observations at various tournaments, games, events and camps. From the years of experience, we always attempt to put together the most aggressive and extensive program of competition to give the player the most visibility available to them. We focus our participation to those events that give maximum exposure. College coaches are attracted to events that offer a high level of competition and many teams with high skill levels. The Stars target on these types of events. With the numerous exposures events, it helps the athlete understand the requirements needed to gain a scholarship, see the type and level of play that is required to gain a scholarship, and let the college coaches see that player develop over the years through many events. During their rising-sophomore and rising-junior summer the Stars staff will guide the athlete into the recruiting process (contacts, elite camps, letters, list of schools etc). The college recruiting process may not happen for all participants. The initial goal of the program is development. It is our desire to have the athlete take advantage of the scholarship possibility. If an increase of skills, confidence and ability can help the athlete have a successful high school career and possibly open the way onto the college level (whether they play or not), we have accomplished our goal.

What Decisions do I face?
As a parent of a young player with potential you may be bombarded with other offers to participate on other teams. Some other team are similar to the Stars, but we feel we're unique in what we offer along with the level of competition. If you have a young player, deciding when to start may be the toughest decision you face at this juncture. We encourage you to start now.  We have found that the start point for the better players is now between 4th and 7th grade. While this may shock some parents, this is how advanced the girls/ women game has become. The most important years of basketball development in the girls side is between the ages of 10 and 15. At the age of 15 the players usually know what level they can compete at and the level of commitment it takes to become a good player. The other tough decision is the provide the support for the player. That support is through a commitment to be at practices, tournament and events. While we understand that each family has its own schedule, we provide a very competitive schedule of practices and games. We encourage all parents, if possible, to be involved with their child and the team. We feel no other program offers the level of development and exposure as the Capital City Stars.

What should you Do?
You do what is best for your daughter, period. If you feel that the Capital City Stars Girls Basketball program can give you and your daughter the opportunity to advance through basketball then the decision is made. You, as a parent want to give your daughter the best opportunities possible. The Capital City Stars will provide that avenue of opportunity. We ask that you call, surf the website, come down, watch, participate and ask questions of our players, their parents and the staff in helping you make the best choice.  We hope you make that positive step soon.                         
Don't wait ..... Join the Capital City Stars Program, NOW!   
 For more Info. contact Coach White

 Star 107fm.com


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